It’s hard to believe that it’s time to turn the page on a new decade! We can’t wait to see what 2020 and the next decade will bring for our team and for the restaurant industry. Before we get started on the next chapter, let’s take a look back. 2019 was a big step forward for our company, for our product and for data-driven restaurant operators.

Check out our 2019 Year-in-Review below.


Team xtraCHEF was in the news, on the road and on the rise ?.

Series A

In July of 2019, xtraCHEF announced a $7.5M Series A round of funding. Not only was this an exciting milestone for the company, but, more importantly, it allowed us to increase our investment in our people and our product – making possible many of the achievements described below.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from 2019 and a sneak peek of where we’re going in 2020!

A Growing Team

In 2019, #teamxtrachef more than doubled in size. We added team members across every department, including a few new fluffy friends! We opened an office in Philadelphia as well as a second office in NYC.

We also made it easier to get to know us and the individuals that make up our team with our weekly Workflow Wednesday posts.

In 2020, we’ll continue to grow our team and invest in a kick ass company culture. Check out our job postings to join xtraCHEF in 2020.

Tradeshows & Events

The xtraCHEF team hit the road in 2019, travelling to 22 tradeshows in 14 states. Some highlights of these included:

In 2020, we’ll be hitting the road once again. To find out where we’ll be, subscribe to our blog or check out our Events Page to see where we’ll be next.


New Product Releases including Inventory Management and Purchasing & Order Management

We published several new product releases in 2019 – both big and small.

Our most exciting product update of 2019 came in the form of our all-new inventory management system. By reinventing restaurant inventory management software, we now offer restaurant operators a user-friendly way to schedule, delegate and take inventory counts. By using our industry-leading invoice digitization and data extraction tools, we offer accountants accurate inventory values to automatically fuel timely financial reporting.

Hand-in-hand with inventory management, we added the ability to order items from vendors directly from xtraCHEF, streamlining a cumbersome process and empowering our customers to shop around for the best price.

Mobile Enhancements

It’s almost 2020, and cross-platform mobile functionality is a must. This year, we made many improvements to xtraCHEF’s mobile interface to ensure that our customers can use our product in a way that works for them. Anyone with a phone in their pocket has the ability to unlock the power of xtraCHEF.


In 2019, we made great strides in our commitment to empower restaurant operators with data to drive profitability.

Here’s a look at how our customers used xtraCHEF in 2019:

Additionally, we invested in data science resources to help bring insights and price transparency to restaurant everywhere.

To see an example of what we’re monitoring, take a look at some of the insights from our data science team.

We were able to see the average price of sugar, from multiple vendors, throughout the year…

…and look at how each vendor priced their sugar month-to-month…

…and finally use that data to predict what the price of sugar will look like in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more valuable insights like this as we use data to help our customers use data to make more informed purchases, manage inventory more intelligently and make the most margin out of every dish!

Here’s to a wonderful 2019 and an even better 2020!