Dos Toros Taqueria is a fast casual Mexican restaurant, serving up high-quality burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and tasty fare. They define their mission as delighting guests to inspire loyalty.

With 21 locations in New York City and Chicago, Dos Toros relies on key technologies, especially xtraCHEF’s Toast POS integration with Toast, to create efficiencies that allow their teams to deliver on that mission.

We strive to take care of our staff because they’re at the heart of what we do. I call it no wasted talent. We’re always finding ways to free up our team so they can spend more time on our food and our guests.

xtraCHEF’s Toast Integration – “So Painless, It’d be Silly not to have it”

xtraCHEF’s Toast integration has enabled Dos Toros to seamlessly import daily sales data to compare against their purchases. “The integration is so painless that it’d be silly not to have it. We automate as much as possible. And we want to reduce the workload on storefronts so our team can focus on what matters the most: the food and the people,” says Grant.

Dos Toros has also been able to increase their profits. They’re able to compare sales data flowing from Toast against restaurant food cost categories coming from invoice line-items extracted by xtraCHEF. And they’re able to manage food costs with less effort and at a more granular level.

We now have more accountability at the store level. Our managers are more in tune with their weekly food cost reporting. And it gives them the tools they need to hold themselves and staff responsible,” Irfan says.

“We have more visibility. And we can more closely monitor our food costs and priority ingredients. This allows us to proactively make adjustments to ensure we’re profitable.”

Read the full case study on the Toast website or download a .pdf copy here:

Dos Toros Case Study

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