Promotions, in this economy?! Reap the benefits of data-driven restaurant pricing strategies

It’s 2021. Customers across the country are cranking again. You’re putting the hardships of the past year behind you and setting up to capture this reopening momentum.

But competition is as fierce as ever. You need a profitable restaurant pricing strategy and creative restaurant promotion ideas to earn new customers and win back old ones.

Setting these strategies and promotions shouldn’t be taken lightly, which is why you should watch the recording of our webinar:

Restaurant Revival Pricing Strategies & Promotions

Watch and listen as we connect the dots between food cost and PMix monitoring, recipe management and plate costs, inventory optimization, and their relation to your restaurant pricing strategy and promotion ideas.

Top three takeaways from our restaurant pricing strategy webinar are:

  1. Promotions don’t have to mean discounts – Our research found that customers want to see new specials and limited menu items…and they’d be willing to pay MORE for them
  2. Combine food costs and sales data to analyze true margins – If you are discounting menu items via pricing, percentage, or combos, you need to compare actual sales data with projected margins to uncover true insights
  3. xtraCHEF provides tools to know your options and to adapt to market forces – Take advantage of xtraCHEF’s suite of automated financial and operational tools to create profitable restaurant promos

You’ll see how proper knowledge of the numbers empowers you to pull levers and be intentional in making tweaks toward greater profitability, with and without promotion ideas.

This summer is poised for restaurants to come roaring back, and profitable events like Restaurant Weeks are equally reemerging – be sure to read our revamped Restaurant Week eBook for tips on thriving in 2021 and beyond.

Successful operations are already tapping into the benefits of pricing strategies, promotion ideas, and events to bring in old patrons and attract new customers. These proven strategies move their needles even further into the green, but that’s only for restaurants that understand and monitor the numbers on a regular basis. Does that include you?

Get the webinar recording today to learn more about pricing and promotion strategies and the metrics that make them work.

Restaurant Revival Pricing Strategies

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Get the webinar recording to learn about the numbers that make profitable pricing strategies and promotion ideas!