We’re excited to announce yet another Product Release for xtraCHEF! Version 9.1 is now live.

Our latest product update includes two new reports, the expansion of our Recipe Management module, an updated mobile app, and the foundation for another big product release that we’re dropping very soon. Stay tuned!

Check out detailed release notes by logging into https://app.xtrachef.com and navigating to the Knowledge Base. Just click the question mark icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen, then click Knowledge Base.

Read below for a summary of the highlights and the changes that you should know!

Product Mix Margin (PMIX) Report offers better insight into margins

pmix reportToast users, we have an exciting new report available for you within our Recipe Management module! The Product Mix Margin (PMIX) Report shows you the variance between your anticipated margin on menu items versus the actual margin based on actual sales, discounts, etc. If you already have an integration between xtraCHEF and Toast, you can map your PLU to a recipe by selecting it from a drop-down in the PLU field of a recipe. Your PLUs will already be available for selection!

When you arrive at the report, you’ll choose the date range that you want to analyze. From there, results will be sorted by item type—like apps, mains, sides, and desserts—then have individual items listed beneath them. However, you do have the option to remove this automatic sort.

Once you’ve set a date range, the report will generate sales data for you to see exactly how many of each item was sold, the list price of that item, and the price at which that item was actually sold, along with gross and net margin percentages. This will help operators see how many items are getting discounted or lost to keep an even tighter grip on controlling margins.

The PMIX Report is available to be exported to Excel, which is especially important for accountants who may not have access to your xtraCHEF account. Unfortunately, if you use a POS that’s not Toast, we don’t support the PMIX Report for you quite yet. We look forward to supporting other systems for this feature in the future!

Get an Inventory Summary Report to analyze opening and closing numbers

inventory summary reportRecipe Management isn’t the only module getting the love in this update—we have a new report for Inventory Management users, too! The Inventory Summary Report shows you not only what your inventory is across all units, but also provides a summary of that inventory at the start and close of a day.

To use this feature, simply scroll to Reports. Under Operation Reports, you’ll see the new Inventory Summary option. Click to enter, then select a highlighted date on which inventory was taken. After clicking, you’ll be able to see the opening and closing inventory for that date. Pretty cool, right?

We created this report due to popular demand from our customers who want to do in-depth analyses of their weekly and monthly inventories. We think it will be a big help for operators—so be sure to let us know what you think!

Building recipes is easier than ever with support for prep

prep recipes

Recipe Management just got even more thorough in xtraCHEF!

In this release, we’ve added the ability for prep recipes to be used within other prep recipes. Users can now build prep recipes for use in other prep recipes, such as sauces that are used in multiple menu items.

To access the feature, all you need to do is click Prep Recipes in the navigation at the top of the Recipe module. Once Prep Recipes are created, you can pull them into full Recipes!

This feature helps eliminate human error in building recipes to get even more exact COGS. It also saves your busy back of house more time so they can focus more on serving great food.

Use our mobile app? Time to update!

Are you using xtraCHEF on your phone? If so, it’s time to make sure your app is updated! As part of this product release, we’ve rolled out improvements to our mobile experience for both iPhone and Android users.

Most noticeably among the changes to the app are improvements to search. We’ve redesigned the invoice search screen, as well as enhanced the search and filter functionality. Plus, you can now search for invoices from the Dashboard screen.

If you haven’t taken xtraCHEF to go yet, what are you waiting for? Our mobile experience helps you get operations work done from wherever you may be.

Another big feature is coming soon!

We have another special treat in the works for Toast customers—especially those who are also using QuickBooks Online!

The Product team is putting the final touches on this feature, so be sure to stay tuned to the xtraCHEF blog and our social media channels (we’re on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) to be the first to know when it goes live.

Take a deeper dive into xtraCHEF v9.1

If you are an existing xtraCHEF customer who has questions about any of these updates, please refer to our Knowledge Base or check in with the Customer Success team to learn more.

Not yet an xtraCHEF customer? Let’s chat! Request a demo today to learn more about these new features, as well as the rest of what our financial and operational restaurant management platform can offer.